Aesthetic Sports Takes the workouts home with you!

Welcome to your New Favorite Workout!

Gyms are shutting down for at least until the end of the month, so we want to make sure you are still making time to move! We are here to help utilize your home to stay in shape and keep your endorphins running… it may take a bit more motivation, but the more you move, the better you will feel and the stronger your immune system will be!

If you don’t have any equipment, you can always use water bottles as dumbbells or any weighted object around the house! If you would like to use gliders, a simple towel on a hardwood  floor or tile floor works great! Or a magazine or book on the carpet!

Here is your full-body workout for the day:


30 seconds plank jacks

30 seconds rest

1-minute mountain climbers

1-minute rest

1 minute Plank rows

1-minute Bicep curl to press

1-minute rest

1-minute squats

30 seconds speed skaters

30 seconds rest

30 seconds push-ups

30 seconds burpees

1-minute rest


Stay positive, take your supps, and keep moving! We are all in this together.


Want more? Let us know on our social Platforms! Have a great day everyone!