Do you know whats in your Cleanse? 🤔

Hey There,

So what really is the purpose of a cleanse or detox product? 🤔 

Is it to lose weight?

Is it to make you healthier?

Is it to get rid of water weight?

We get asked this question often and we thought maybe we should let people know exactly what a cleanse or detox product does and how it actually can benefit you.

So all in all a cleanse and detox product are essentially the same thing. They’re used to remove unwanted harmful things from your body.

They are typically used to help you target your organs such as your colon, liver, and your kidneys etc. It’s main goal is to cleanse out the unwanted things in your body and organs.

So that being said it doesn’t mean that a cleanse product can’t help you lose weight, keep you from bloating, or help improve your digestive system. It can absolutely do all these things as well as improve your overall health and wellness as long as it has the right ingredients in it.

Not all cleansing products are made alike. For example, some might not have exactly what your body needs to cleanse these specific organs or keep you from bloating and naturally lose weight.

If you are looking for these benefits from a detox there are certain key ingredients that you will need to look out for which are listed below:


•Psyllium husk

•Cascara sagrada

•Milk thistle

Each of these ingredients benefits your body in specific ways.

We will start with...

Ginger - it helps improve digestion and overall health and wellness. Ginger has been used for many years to help boost your immune system to keep it at it’s peak performance.

Psyllium husk- it’s a soluble fiber that is used to pass through your digestive system to help you improve gut health. It also has been known to improve cholesterol and aid in weight loss.

Cascara Sagrada- It comes from a tree bark and helps the digestive system flush out any of the unwanted toxins that are in your body.

Milk Thistle- Milk thistle has been shown to help cleanse your liver and keep it at its best shape.

So, if you’re looking for a good cleanse product that will attack all of the unwanted toxins and get you all the benefits your body needs, make sure that it contains all of these ingredients.

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