Family Activities/ Exercises to keep your kids active

Family Exercises to keep your kids active and healthy!


During these times, it's hard to keep your family busy since we are all limited. We are here to give you a few ways to keep your family as a whole happy and healthy while burning all that extra energy your kids may have!


1.A trampoline! Keeping a trampoline in your backyard, patio, or a small one inside is a great way for your kids to burn off that extra energy and stay active! (Plus it tires them out pretty quick 😉)

2. Let the whole family help cook dinner! This is a great way to teach your kids what is healthy and the importance of cooking from home instead of eating out every day!

3. Hide and go seek. Simple, but a great way to keep curiosity alive and run around the house!

4. Play frisbee or catch in the front or back yard! You don’t always have to go to the park to play!

5. Get crafty! Use the things around the house or maybe go grab a rock from the backyard. Make a pet rock or maybe even a card for a first responder!

6. Have an indoor scavenger hunt! Create a treasure map for your kids to follow and find clues around the house! Fun for the whole family

8. Set up a DIY Laser Maze! Use painting tape in the hallway to create “lasers” and make your kids get through the hallway without touching the tape! They will want to do this again and again!

9. Balloon tennis! You can blow up a balloon and pass it back and forth with your hands or a fly swatter! See how many times you can hit it before it touches the ground!

10. Play charades! This is a great way to make the whole family laugh

11. Build a fort! The ultimate way to keep you busy and keep your kids happy!

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