How important is leg day for weight loss 🧐

Fat Loss!

So you’re looking to burn fat faster… the most efficient way to do this? Work the largest muscle groups in our body, of course!

If you didn’t know, our legs are some of the largest muscle groups in our bodies and require the most energy to function. Which means the more we work our legs, or incorporate leg exercises into our workout routines, the more we fat we can potentially burn and increase energy expenditure or calories burned.

Our legs carry us through most of every day activity, so why not make them look good while we are at it? If you don’t train legs, your body may look a little disproportionate and you can be put at a higher risk of getting injured! So where do you start? It’s important to not just focus on one “side” of your legs (ex: just your quads)  but to include all muscle groups for efficiency, strength, and injury prevention.

Here are the Aesthetic Sports teams favorite leg exercises:


⁃Reverse Lunges

⁃Sumo Squats

⁃Glute Bridges

⁃Calf raises

Let us know if you give these a try this week! Get those legs moving!


Aesthetic Sports Team!