How to stay fit during the holidays! 🏈

How to stay fit during the Holidays! 

By Jose Magallanes, CEO of Aesthetic Sports


Hey there Aesthetic Sports Family!

We get it... everyone is talking about this.. how to stay "fit" during the holidays. You have read the blogs you have read the articles, you have been given the "foods" to eat and we already know how to workout, drink beer, and be in the best shape of your life!

Well... With that being said we are here to give you the best tips on how to stay fit mentally and physically during the holidays with Aesthetic Sports!


1. Remember you don't need a gym to workout!

Whether you are going to a park or hitting a yoga workout just because your gym is closed does not mean you can't make it happen! The world is your gym!

2. Know what you are eating ahead of time!

It's a very easy concept if you know where you are going for the holidays. Ask the person who is cooking what's on the menu. The worst thing you can do is be unprepared for what's to come, so plan ahead and ASK!

3. It's okay to have a protein shake before you go to dinner

If you are worried about eating the wrong types of foods, make sure your body is prepared ahead of time by having an ISO HP or Vegan superfood shake to curb the appetite. Then once you are done, maybe slam a second just for good measure!

4. Get up early and get that workout in!

This is a no brainer. Get up early and go make it happen!

5. Eat slow and controlled!

It's easy to give in to overeating during the holiday season. Control the pace of your eating and don't eat more when you feel full! Stop when you need to and remember to drink lots of water to make up for all the sodium you are consuming!

Now let's have a great season! Go Niners!

Much love,

The Aesthetic Sports Family!