What is Vegan Superfood PRO?

Vegan Superfood PRO is exactly what it says it is. It’s a Vegan superfood with a High Source of Protein!

Vegan superfood PRO was carefully designed to help you with:

- Protein intake:18G of protein per scoop!

- Naturally sweetened with stevia!

- Vegan Collagen (Rice Bran solubles, hydraulic acid, silica) - Helps improve hair, skin, joint and nail health. Collagen also helps maintain gut health. 

-17 + Fruits & Vegetables in one scoop!- We added so many of these so it can improve your natural energy throughout the day.

- Gluten-Free

You no longer have to take your vegan superfoods and protein separately. You can get it all in one scoop.

Protein source comes from:

- Pea protein isolate

- Brown rice pea protein 

- Hemp protein

Stop playing in the little leagues and come join the pros today with Vegan Superfood PRO!



Aesthetic Sports Nutrition Team!