Myth or Fact: Stubborn fat IS a thing? 🧐

Myth or Fact: Stubborn fat IS a thing?

It’s a MYTH! You cannot isolate fat loss by targeting a certain area in your body with workouts, creams, fat burners, and whatever else you have in your cabinet!

Fat is gained in certain areas of our body based on our genetic compounds. What that means is where we store our fat isn’t because we aren’t working out that certain part of our body, but because of our genetic makeup.

What you CAN do is burn overall body fat by increasing your cardio alongside proper form in resistance training! Some may say that lifting can lead to weight gain, but when done correctly and paired with cardio, it will decrease your overall body fat percentage tremendously!

\What you do need to remember is the journey to your dream body takes TIME. You aren’t going to lose that 10 pounds in 2 weeks… it will probably take up to 2 months of consistent training just to lose that stubborn 10. Don’t give up, keep your eye set on the goal and know that with time and hard work comes results.

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- Aesthetic Sports Nutrition team