New Month New goals!

New month means new goals! Some of you are taking March to make it the BEST month so far of 2021. Some you are looking for that motivation to get it going.

However wherever you are in your journey, we know that if you are reading this you are on the right track to having the best month possible. So are some of Aesthetic Sports top tips to crush the month and look and feel your best!

1. Drink water! Start your day with a glass of water before you eat anything else and drink half an ounce to one ounce per your weight in pounds of water throughout the rest of the day!
2. Avoid processed foods! Eat whole and healthy foods to keep your body happy and healthy
3. Take supplements to support your body from the inside out! (Protein, heart health, vitamins, etc.) Supplement what you are missing from your diet!
4. Cardio 3x per week for at least 30 minutes straight will help keep your body healthy and happy!
5. Resistance training 3x a week minimum to build strength and push your body!
6. Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night for optimum recovery and high energy levels throughout your day!

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