Pre-workout Burns Calories? ūü§Ē

The Truth.
We get this question a lot... Is it possible for your pre-workout to help you burn calories and lose weight? The answer is does your pre-workout have these questions answered?

Pre-workouts can help you burn fat depending on what ingredients are in the product.

Naturally, pre-workouts will increase heart rate if they contain caffeine which will then result in burning more calories.

So the answer would come down to what does your pre-workout contain?

We don't like to speak for others but for us, AMP Matrix has two key ingredients that burn calories faster than the 49 Niners burning the Rams!

Those ingredients are: 

Caffeine - Boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning,

 L-Carnitine-  grab onto stored body fat (or fat you eat), break it down into fatty acids, and send the fatty acids to your mitochondria. Your mitochondria turn those fatty acids into ATP (energy) that powers your cells. It breaks down your fat into energy.

These ingredients in your pre-workout will DEFINITELY lead to fat loss. That is exactly why we made AMP Matrix. You get the pump of your life, an amazing taste and calories burned!

So the truth of this question is it all depends on the ingredients and the product, but you know you can always trust AMP Matrix!

You are Welcome!

Team Aesthetic