Pre-Workout can help you lose weight? 🤨

We hear this over and over again... "I want a Pre-workout that can do more than just give me the tingles" Well we listened, and for the past 4 years Aesthetic Sports has been breaking boundaries with each and every product like AMP Matrix.

So question... Did you know AMP Matrix can boost Metabolism and help you lose weight?

Let us show you:

Here are some ingredients that your pre-workout should contain if you’re looking to increase your metabolism:

Niacin- Not only does Niacin help increase blood flow, it also helps breakdown carbs, fats and protein turning them into energy. By doing so it will elevate your metabolism.

Synephrine- This ingredient will dramatically increase metabolism. It has been a very important component in aiding in fat loss. 

Juniper Berry- This is a all-natural ingredient that will increase your stamina. While doing so your metabolism wi increase as well.

Rauwolscine- It has been known to help reduce appetite. While Rauwolscine has proven to reduce appetite and helps in burning fat as well. Research shows that using this ingredient will result in a higher metabolic rate.

Not every Pre-workout are made equal. AMP Matric goes above and beyond to make sure you are energized AND burning fat.

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