The Top Drills to Burn Calories


Alright Alright Alright...

Aesthetic Sports Nutrition is here to bring you the blog you have been wanting and needing as this quarantine still presses on. We all know Aesthetic Sports brings you the highest quality supplements on the market, but now it's time to bring you something even better: The workouts that will make you sweat more than a football player, the drills that make baseball players calves tremble... and of course the drills that really get the most out of our Amp Matrix!

So the top-performing exercises that burn the most calories are... 

Jump squats 


Butt kicks 

Jump rope

Alternating side lunges

Mountain Climbers


Football in the street with your friends 


These are all amazing drills that if you are not doing, you need to start like, tomorrow. Don't forget to start off your day with AMP Matrix and fuel your post-workout with ISO HP!


If you didn't know, now you do! See you back on Instagram for some kick-butt content!


The Aesthetic Sports team!