What can eating a "balanced diet" do for you? 🤔

We have all heard these two words… whether we asked how to lose weight, lose that extra little bit of unwanted fat, boost energy levels, the answer somehow always comes to eating a “balanced diet”. But what does that mean and just exactly what can a “balanced diet” do for you?
Let’s dig into it…
Eating a balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function efficiently and correctly. Generally speaking, this means Carbohydrates: 45–65% of calories. Fat: 25–35% of calories. Protein: 10–30% of calories. Eating a balanced diet doesn’t necessarily mean going ON a diet or following a fad, but simply eating the right things. A well-balanced diet provides important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and healthy.
What can a balanced diet do for your body?
•Weight loss.
•Reduced cancer risk.
•Diabetes management.
•Heart health and stroke prevention.
•The health of the next generation.
•Strong bones and teeth.
•Better mood.
•Improved memory.
•Increased energy throughout the day
•Better sleep patterns
And more! Eating well rounded can create an overall better lifestyle inside and out… boosting energy and motivation all at the same time! Let’s get to eating what our bodies NEED and not just what we CRAVE.