What is a Thermogenic?

What is a Thermogenic Infused Pre-workout?
What is a Thermogenic?
Most refer to these as "Fat Burners." Thermogenic supplements are known to increase your metabolic response rate thus burning more calories and losing more fat! These products will fluctuate your body temperature and allow you to work hard and burn more calories off! It's quite an experience!
Can Men and Woman Take a Thermogenic Fat Burner Pre-Workout? 
Absolutely! Since caffeine is typically a bit lower the kick is really in the ingredients! Here are some of the ingredients that make this product pop:
Rauwolfia Vomitoria: A close family member to the fat-burning, energy-boosting powerhouse, yohimbine. Since it’s in the same family tree, the two have very similar benefits, burn baby burn!

Caffeine Anhydrous: Pure Caffeine. One hell of a thermogenic.

Cayenne Pepper Extract (Capsaicin): Capsaicin is a compound found in the same peppers that give your food a kick (or make your eyes water up). It has been shown time and time again to boost your body’s fat-burning ability in two key ways:

First, it decreases your appetite. Secondly, studies show that it boosts your metabolism leading to more calories burnt throughout the day. 

All of these ingredients are in AMP Matrix and are safe for both men and women!


Why Should I choose Aesthetic Sports AMP Matrix?

Because this product has been on the market for several years and has been trusted by thousands of people nationwide. Our CEO takes a strong stance in creating a powerful yet effective formula that tastes great and gives you the results you want. We come with age and results!

But really... we have spent years making this product great, from the way it makes you feel to the flavor, it all comes down to trial and error and we have put the time in! 


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