What makes a good cleanse? 🤔

So you have probably seen the ads for FIT TEAS and DETOXES that tell you all about how if you drink this product it will actually clean out your colon and so much more!


A real cleanse is not something that can just found in a basic fit tea. In fact, we have highlighted the top 3 ingredients that all cleansing products must have in them to be the most effective possible. Remember a good cleanse is not one that just makes you go to the bathroom. It resets your system and cleanses out your colon, liver, Cholesterol as well!

Check out the 3 main ingredients all cleanses have below!

Cascara Sagrada - Helps with constipation. This a natural laxative that comes from tree bark.

Psyllium Husk - It helps to relieve irritable bowel syndrome while also helping your digestive system get on track.

Milk thistle - It helps with lowering cholesterol and clean your liver.

Now you know!

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