What is a Heart Healthy Breakfast?

What are the benefits of a heart healthy breakfast? 🤔 
So you wanna know how Aesthetic Sports gets you ready for the day? With a healthy breakfast of course! Are you ready to see the 5 ways a healthy Breakfast can a affect your day in a positive way!
The 5 ways breakfast makes yours life great

The 5 ways breakfast makes yours life great:



#1: Quick Fix of Essential Nutrients

Keeping breakfast simple and nutritious is a great way to start your day and come off of your fast after sleeping. Your body goes for 6-9 hours (depending on how long you sleep) without any fuel. Starting your day off right with the proper nutrients is important!


#2: Prevent Weight Gain.

Eating in the morning is a great way to kick your metabolism into gear. Eating regularly in the morning is the perfect way to prevent weight gain or maintain weight in general.


#3: Healthy Skin.

Eating a breakfast high in fruits, veggies, and Whole Foods is a great way to nourish your body from the inside out. Start your day with a smoothie and some eggs and watch the benefits happen!


#4: Power Your Brain

Something rich in nutrients and healthy carbs (like oatmeal) can provide energy to boost you throughout your morning! Also Including fruits and veggies will boost memory and overall brain function!


#5: Energy Boost.

Eating breakfast boosts your energy levels and restores your glycogen levels ready to keep your metabolism up for the day. Skipping breakfast may seem like a good way to reduce overall energy intake.

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